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Earlier this year, our primary care physician diagnosed my wife with severe Type 2 Diabetes. Sam started taking daily insulin injections and Metformin. The doctor also suggested that my wife adopt the diabetic diet.

Wow! What a shock to our lifestyle. I knew we needed to a make a change—and fast. Immediately, we started following the American Diabetes Association guidelines for eating. Also, we implemented an exercise program. We weren’t seeing the results we expected after a couple of weeks. We’re overachievers, don’t you know?

As a chef from a family of chefs, I knew that the foods we eat affect our health. I also know that I know how to overdo it on deliciousness with no regard for health. So, I began researching diets to reverse diabetes. Online, I found the ketogenic diet. It sounded like a perfect fit– a philosophy that spoke to me. It had me at cheese and butter.

Many of the recipes and meal guides I found online seemed to be imitating a life I was trying to leave behind. I didn’t want to serve Sam imposters of foods that contributed to this situation we were in. I created my own recipes and meal plans of foods that were delicious because they should be.

Within six weeks, Sam’s doctor took her off insulin injections. Two weeks later, Metformin was history. We waved bye-bye to Big Pharma and hello to KetoLuxe, knowing that this life works for us.

So far on this journey, we’ve lost several inches and close to 100 pounds. As we focus on health and taking control of our lives, Sam and I are amazed at the people reaching out to us. I’m writing cook books, posting motivational tips, whipping up spice blends, and sharing my KetoLuxe life with you. For my Artisan Foodworks customers, I’m introducing sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free dishes to serve your catering event guests.

I invite you to embark on the KetoLuxe advenure with us!

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Chef Alexa Lemley’s Accolades

S’more on a Stick named one of “America’s Best Foods on a Stick” by Food Network 2018 

  • Winner IndyCooks for the ARC 2016 for Smoked Maple Leaf Farms Duckballs.
  • Winner “Best Brew” at the Madison Soup Stew and Brew 2016.
  • Winner “Best Overall” and “Best Sweet Dish” at the Chicago Bacon and Beer Classic 2016.
  • Recipient of the 2016 James Beard Foundation Rhone Rangers Grant.
  • Finalist in the Chef’s Taste Challenge Farm to Table Cook-Off held in New Orleans in August 2016. Also declared to be one of the “Top 10 Farm to Table Chefs in the USA).
  • Winner “Best Sweet Dish” at the New York City Bacon and Beer Classic 2016.
  • Overall Champion Denver Bacon and Beer Classic (now on to compete in World Food Championships Bacon division in November 2016).
  • Artisan Foodworks named #3 of Top 5 Dinner Party Caterers by Indianapolis Monthly in December 2015.
  • Winner “Peoples’ Choice Award” at the Indianapolis Bacon and Beer Classic 2015.
  • Grand Champion in the American Dairy Association Indiana Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese Cook-Off 2015.
  • Winner of “Most Creative” and “Best Gluten Free” for Popcorn and Lobster Soup at Indiana SoupFest 2015.
  • Recognized by “Go Magazine” in 2011 and 2014 for being “hot” and outstanding woman entrepreneur.
  • “Local Food Hero” Best Chef 2013 and Best Food Artisan 2012 and 2013 by Edible Indy Magazine.
  • Received the Hoosier Hospitality Award 2013 by Indiana’s Lt Governor.
  • Awarded the designation of “20 under 40” by Columbus Young Professionals in 2011.
  • Inducted into Indiana Artisan in 2008 in recognition of the superior craftsmanship of our 240sweet marshmallows.


  • Meeting you at the Nashville Women’s Show was awesome, I truly enjoyed every item I bought at the booth. Can’t wait till the items are back in stock for another purchase :-)

    Sharon Bentley
  • Congratulations to you both for all of your accomplishments, I enjoy your posts and thank you for your recipes. I look forward to trying some of the items that you sell

  • Do you have a cookkbook with all keto recipes?

    Judith Walleser
  • Hello,

    I just wanted to email you to say “THANK YOU!” I love your products. Wow! Delicious. I’ve tried the dark chocolate bark, ketchup, and hot sauce so far. Terrific.

    I enjoyed meeting you both at the Nashville Women’s Show. I wish you the very best for your health and your successful company!


    Wendy Jordanov

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