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While I think that Deviled Eggs are perfect for any season, spring seems to demand it! Easter just wouldn't be right without my family's recipe. 

Deviled Eggs

Anytime Deviled Eggs are at a family event, they are the first to go. My favorite way to eat eggs, these pop-able treats combine creaminess with tanginess. They’re what eggs should be all about. When I meet someone who doesn’t love them, I wonder what else is wrong with that person. I almost didn’t marry Sam because she claims to hate them.

When we started eating keto, Sam hoped that she would never lay eyes on another Deviled Egg. The joke was on her! Ha. Ha. Ha. These babies are sugar free, gluten free, and low carb. The perfect food!

Chef Alexa shreds the yolks of her Deviled Eggs to make them extra fluffy. 

Most people grew up with Deviled Eggs that had the yolks smashed by a fork and some off the shelf mayo like Sam did. Make my gourmet recipe when you have the time to do it right. By shredding the yolk of Hard Baked Eggs and making Homemade Mayo, you’ll create an indulgent bite. Sam even admits to liking them a little bit when prepared with this recipe. That’s why she’s still around.

Deviled Eggs start an Easter meal off on the right paw. The Easter Bunny will definitely approve of the recipes I'll be sharing in the next couple of weeks. This one starts us off!

Do you love Deviled Eggs? Comment on my Instagram post with your favorite toppings. 

Less than 5 minutes

Less than 5 minutes

6 Hard Baked Eggs
1 teaspoon white vinegar
3 tablespoons Homemade Mayo
1 tablespoon crème fraiche
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/8 teaspoon Kosher salt


  1. Peel each Hard Baked Egg.
  2. Slice the eggs in half, lengthwise.
  3. Removed yolks and shred on a grater.
  4. In a small bowl, whisk together egg yolks, vinegar, Homemade Mayo, crème fraiche, Dijon mustard, and Kosher salt. Do this until just barely mixed.
  5. Place egg white halves on a platter and fill each with equal parts of deviled mixture.
  6. Chill, if desired, before serving.

12 servings

The crème fraiche adds a little extra tang. If you don’t have any, substitute an extra tablespoon of Homemade Mayo.

Sam really loves these Deviled Eggs when they are topped with caviar. You can also add Candied Bacon, capers, or any toppings that suit your fancy.

The filling can be made a day in advance and held in the refrigerator. Right before serving, put the deviled mixture into the egg whites.

Net carbs: 0 grams
Sugar alcohols: 0 grams
Total carbs: 0 grams
Fiber: 0 grams
Fat: 7 grams
Protein: 3 grams
Sodium: 80 milligrams
Calories: 75
Glycemic load: 0


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