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Fire up the grill for a gourmet meal with my Keto Duck Burgers with  Goat Cheese

Duck Burgers with Goat Cheese

As you may know by now, I’ve always been a big fan of duck. A couple of years ago, I discovered duck burgers. Another way to enjoy it! Ground duck is so versatile. I even won “Best Street Food” from Indy Cooks for the ARC for my Maple Leaf Farms duck meatballs made with it. That’s why I’m proud that Maple Leaf Farms sponsors my participation in food competitions. The company even provided the duck that we served yesterday the Columbus In Keto Potluck Picnic yesterday. I reached out to them to be a sponsor because duck is one of my favorite foods.

When making duck burgers, it is important to have a binder (actually having a binder for beef hamburgers is a secret of many restaurants) to help hold the meat together. Before I ate keto, I would use bread crumbs or panko in mine. Now, I include crushed pork rinds to make the patties. I incorporate my KetoLuxe Hunter’s Seasoning Blend so that I know they are gluten free, corn free, low carb, and delicious. I like to top my Duck Burgers with Goat Cheese, too. Medium-rare is my temperature of choice for doneness.

A chef's secret to good burger shape is to firmly patty the meat. Here, Chef Alexa demonstrates how to do it using both hands.

Want a gourmet change from hamburgers for your summer parties? Fire up the grill and make some Duck Burgers with Goat Cheese for your friends and family. You can serve them on a bed of greens with sautéed onions and fresh tomatoes for a light meal. Trying a new low carb recipe and loving it? That’s KetoLuxe.

Did you attend the Columbus In Keto Potluck Picnic over the weekend or wish you did? Check out the Facebook Live video that Sam made of the event and share your thoughts on the food.

20 minutes

10 minutes

2 pounds Maple Leaf Farms All Natural Ground Duck, thawed
4 tablespoons KetoLuxe Microwave Pork Rinds, prepared and finely crushed
4 ounces KetoLuxe Hunter’s Seasoning Blend
2 tablespoons butter, melted
6 cups fresh salad greens
3 tomatoes, sliced
6 tablespoons goat cheese, whipped
6 tablespoons onions, sautéed in 2 tablespoons butter


  1. Preheat grill to medium high.
  2. In a medium bowl, knead together duck, KetoLuxe Microwave Pork Rinds, and KetoLuxe Hunter’s Seasoning Blend.
  3. Portion into 6 balls and make well-packed patties.
  4. Brush butter on the outside of burgers.
  5. Grill for 5 minutes (or until browned to desire wellness) on each side.
  6. Place equal portions of salad greens and tomatoes onto each plate.
  7. Put a burger atop greens, topping each with an equal portion of goat cheese and sautéed onions.
  8. Serve immediately.

6 servings

These are a great item to prep ahead. For the Columbus In Keto Potluck Picnic, I made 80 burgers the day before and held them chilled until I was ready to grill them.

Sometimes serve the burgers with KetoLuxe Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce on a gluten-free bun for a more casual feel.

You can pan-fry these in butter if you can’t fire up the grill.

Net carbs: 2 grams
Total carbs: 3 grams
Fiber: 1 gram
Fat: 36 grams
Protein: 42 grams
Calories: 489
Glycemic load: 1

Thank you to Maple Leaf Farms for providing the duck for this recipe. While I was given the duck at no charge, all opinions and recipe are my own.


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