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Super Bowl Spread Menu

Hosting a Super Bowl party? Me too!  As I planned the menu, I realized that I needed to accommodate the eating styles of my guests. In addition to people who are keto, I have friends and family that eat

Gluten free
Sugar free
Low carb
Diabetic diet
Whole 30

How to accommodate them all? I put together these foods to make sure everyone has a meal of small bites with protein and good macros. No reason to thwart good habits when there is healthy deliciousness available!

As seen on Indy Style, here’s the KetoLuxe Super Bowl Spread Menu. Wow your friends and family by making and serving these items.

Candied Bacon on a Stick
A keto classic good for those who don’t eat refined sugar


Black Truffle Jerky Dip
Meat lovers will fall in love with this dip


Candied Pecans
For my vegan friends and family


Brussels Sprout Lollipops
For those that need some bacon with their vegetables


Buffalo Chicken Dip
What’s Super Bowl without buffalo chicken?


Cookie Dough Fat Bombs
Something sweet for my sweetie


Snack Mix
Crunchy and vegetarian friendly

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  • We sampled the Puppy Chow at Bizarre Bizarre in Richmond but I can’t locate it for sale on your website nor the recipe? Is it available?


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