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    To many that eat keto, Frozen Hot Chocolate may seem like an off-limits treat. Nope! I use my KetoLuxe Haute Chocolate Mix and heavy whipping cream for a tasty summertime treat. I top it with my Vanilla Whipped Cream and sip away. I love that it is sugar free, gluten free, and low carb. 

    When I started eating keto, I thought my days of Lemon Shake Ups were a summer memory. But no! Using KetoLuxe Allulose makes all the difference in having a delicious, not too tart and not too sweet beverage. I can drink these sugar-free taste bud treats all day long. 

    When we started eating keto, I thought I had to give up one of my favorite beverage groups. But no! I just had to find a work around. Little did I know I would actually discover an improvement to make them even better. The other day, I came across a new to me drink thanks to a Bon Apetit article about Priya Krishna’s new cookbook Indian-ish. I adapted her Shikanji recipe by using my KetoLuxe Allulose and Real Salt pink salt to make it ketolicious. While still a treat, my version of Shikanji provides essential electrolytes to avoid those nasty leg cramps. Sam thinks we should add vodka…