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Dark Chocolate Bark

Dark Chocolate Bark

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Vegan dark chocolate with a crispy array of almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, pepitas, organic coconut flakes, and a hint sea salt.

Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, stevia extract, lecithin (sunflower), vanilla extract, coconut oil, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, coconut chips, pepitas, and sea salt.


Nutrition: 3g net carbs, 10g total carbs, 5g fiber, 15g fat, 3g protein, 159 calories, glycemic 0

  • All Natural
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free
  • Low Carb
  • Diabetic, Keto, Paleo, Vegan friendly
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