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We believe in living KetoLuxe:

  • KetoLuxe is Chef Alexa Lemley’s version of the ketogenic lifestyle. By eating low-carb, gluten-free, and whole foods, you benefit from a healthy diet.

  • KetoLuxe also includes surrounding yourself with quality items to cook with and in. Ingredients don’t have to be expensive or fancy to nourish yourself and those you love well.

  • Make yourself a priority by exercising regularly. You only get this one time around.

  • Release negative excess baggage. When you don’t self-medicate with high carb foods or quick fixes, it becomes less bearable to tolerate unhealthy behaviors and choices.

  • Each time you take control by choosing what you eat, how you eat, and what you do, you take one step closer to your best life. Live KetoLuxe.

Watch for Chef Alexa’s KetoLuxe: Simple Gourmet Keto for Life cookbook to be available soon!