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Candied Bacon Seasoning

Candied Bacon Seasoning

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Chef Alexa’s catering customers love Candied Bacon on a Stick. At least 75% of the events Artisan Foodworks caters serve it. Since many people ask me for the original recipe, so I included it in the Hoosier Harvest Cookbook.

Ingredients: erythritol. Prebiotic oligosaccharide, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice concentrate, natural flavors, and spices.


Nutrition: 0 net carbs, 4g total carbs, 0 fat, 0 protein, 0 calories

  • 4 oz | Resealable Bag
  • All Natural
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free
  • Diabetic, Keto, Paleo
  • Color of bag may be either white or black